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Robin Hood - the steampunk years.

It's Robin Hood Jim but not as you know him.

This new version or re-imagining from director Otto Bathurst creates a dystopian, steampunk world for the man in tights to live. It's a world where one expects to see Mad Max roar into a scene. This is not your parent's Robin Hood. This is not Kevin Costner and we're definitely not in Sherwood Forest anymore Dorothy.

Taron Egerton plays Robin of Loxley who struts and pouts through his manor before being sent to the Crusades, where he stands up for the Moor who will become this version’s Little John (Jamie Foxx, who must have lost a bet).

On returning to England, Robin sets his sights on avenging the injustices committed by the Sheriff of Nottingham, who is portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn who is the best thing in this. Mendelsohn chews every bit of scenery and leaves nothing left except spittle. He deserves an Oscar for hamming it up I loved it.

As for the rest of the film? Avoid at all costs.

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