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Going in Style: spoiler-free review

"Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money".

From reading the published plot, you'd be forgiven for thinking you had seen this movie before. Well, Going in Style is a remake of Going in Style from 1979. This time we have a trio of A-list celebrities, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin in this new re-telling by Zach Braff. If the name Zach Braff sounds familiar you may know him from Scrubs. So for this light-hearted film, he is right at home.

Our three heroes almost, but not quite phone-in their performances. The material doesn't give them any opportunity, or need, to stretch their talents. So what we are left with is a light-hearted heist-romp with modern-day overtones featuring three of cinema's greats.

Joining them is Ann Margaret who fully inhabits her character and is perfectly cast as a foil for Alan Arkin. Michael Caine's granddaughter is played by Joey King. As an 18 year-old she plays a 14 year-old and extracts probably the only human moments from Caine's performance. Her imitation of his London accent is perfect!

Matt Dillon get an honourable mention as the FBI agent out to get our three bank-robbers. Other than David Duchovny, Dillon plays the most FBI-looking FBI Agent we have seen on screen for some time. He keeps a straight face throughout however he looks like he wants to join in the fun.

It's been sometime since we saw Christopher Lloyd on the big screen and I have to say it was a delight. He plays a forgetful pensioner in the local seniors club. I wanted to see more of him however there was no room on the screen. Plus he looks frail. I hope he is in good health.

So far I've spoken about the charms of our actors and for me, these are the films strong points, the core of its charm. The plot is predictable and the acting is spot on, so all he talent is up there on the screen. Will this go down as a classic? No. It's the kind of film you could imagine our heroes watching some afternoon on the tv. Speaking of which, our heroes do watch a film on tv one afternoon - Dog Day Afternoon. The addition of Al Pacino's classic is a nice touch.

Wrap this film around you like your favourite blanket and enjoy.

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