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  • 4 out of 5

Titans - Superhero fans, I guess we're not in Kansas anymore

Dick Grayson aka Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Rachel Roth aka Raven (Teagan Croft) up with Gar Logan aka Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Koriand'r aka Starfire (Anna Diop) come together to defend Earth from destruction in this live-action series based on the Teen Titans characters.

Hands down this is the best DC Comics TV show to date. When Dick Grayson AKA Robin/Nightwing takes on the bad guys and one of them asks - "Where's Batman?" and Robin's response is "Fuck Batman!" I knew we were in for something special. For that reason, this is not for the kids. This is over 18, R-rated entertainment. Like the DC big-screen films, this is darker than Marvel, a lot darker. First there is the language and then the blood, lots of blood. DC Universe's opaquely dark flagship series Titans, delivers an enjoyably bizarre genre mash-up of moody noir, psychological horror, and bloody-knuckle action. This definitely isn't another Arrow-verse spinoff, kids.

I've only watched the first three episodes but I am hooked. DC have nailed this and I'm looking forward to the remainder of the 22 episode run. It's on Netflix in this neck of the woods.

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