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Deadpool 2 - The attitude is still bad and the jokes...well, you won't find these in the DC univ

Like the first outing for Deadpool, the sequel is not for children. This is a 16/R-rated film. The action is gorey and the language filthy. Great!

Wade Wilson is back and the world is once again an irreverent place. Most of us went into the first film not knowing anything about Deadpool other than the onslaught of trailers, tv-spots and YouTube clips that saturated social media. What we saw was a "fourth wall within a fourth wall" and we were all hooked. Deadpool poked fun at every superhero trope including the famous superhero landing, which he tries himself in Deadpool 2.

For the first film I went in with low expectations (Green Lantern anyone?) and was blown away. Now I'm going in with high expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure, it's a superhero film with all that it entails. The script is by the book. What sets this apart is the non-stop witty dialogue, the action going on in the background (that may require a second viewing, a la Airport), the poking fun at other films (watch out Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct!) and the self-deprecating humour that Terry Wogan would be proud of.

This sequel features more punch ups and they acknowledge that themselves, noting "here comes a CGI fight..." before the fight starts. By the way, the CGI is good. Deadpool 2 has a bigger budget and it shows. With cameos a-plenty and big-money shots on the screen, this will please fans new and old.

Oh, and stay for the first after-credit scene. There is nothing at the very end so no need to hang around through all the names of the compositors!

Some review have been sniffy about it but I felt it did exactly what it set out to do. Does Deadpool have the legs to run to a third film? I hope so.

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